Dealing with hundreds of commercial replacement part manufacturers, we have access to door gaskets, wheel casters, door handles, door closers, hinges, strip curtains, and more. We can get exactly what you need and fast.

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Outsource your refrigerator gasket replacement service to Gaskey Guy of Louisiana and save time, money, and a whole lot of hassle. Use our expert team of installers, and enroll in our "Gaskets On The Go" installation program to simplify your life.


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Gasket Guy is a great service company! They are quick to respond to any request I have. Thank you!
Rarely do you find great service at this price point. Gasket Guy is truly a reliable and cost effective solution for our restaurant.
OUR MISSION is to provide OEM quality Refrigeration Gaskets, at a competitive price, with the fastest possible turnaround times. Our gasket manufacturing process is so efficient, that we can turn around and ship a custom Refrigerator Gasket within 24 hours of receiving the order. 
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Worn and damaged equipment can be frustrating, and quickly reduce the functionality and efficiency of your kitchen. Don't let a broken piece of equipment slow you down! Call Gasket Guy of Louisiana for all of your minor welding repairs.