Dealing with several major  parts manufacturers, we have quick access to mostly any product from commercial refrigerator gaskets to wheel casters, door handles, door closers, hinges, strip curtains, and more. We can get exactly what you need when you need it.

Our goal is to provide you with parts that keep your refrigerator assets efficiently performing at their best.

Parts and Supply

Gaskets On The Go Routine Maintenance Program

Equipment Repair

Worn and damaged equipment can be frustrating, and quickly reduce the functionality, flow and efficiency of your kitchen. Don't let a broken piece of equipment slow you down! Call Gasket Guy for all of your minor welding repairs.

Let's Talk, Gaskets!  We supply and install High Quality Replacement Refrigerator Gaskets and Warming Cabinet Door seals in restaurants, grocery stores, and all other commecial kitchens. We work with all customer types, as unique as your local convenience store, to multi-store restaurant chains. Our product suppliers enable us to guarantee an economical OEM quality replacement gasket to you.

Don't waste
another second
wodering who will fix that rotten gasket, or dealing with that door that just won't close. TRUST Gasket Guy to identify, resource, install and fix all broken and damaged non-electrical parts in your commercial kitchen today. 

If routine maintenance of your refrigerator gaskets and other regularly replaceable parts is important to you, but has become a thorn in your side, let Gasket Guy take the headache away.

We promise a low cost maintenance solution that is sure to keep your equipment ticking at a price you can afford.

and Parts Second! 
Did you know that Gaskets Guy of Louisiana can help you with more than just gaskets! We replace cutting boards, hinges, door closers, door sweeps, strip curtains, and more.