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1. Equipment Labeling - Our smart labels will become your new equipment reference number. The label will unlock the gateway to all parts associated with that particular refrigerator unit. Simplified!

2. Regular Routine Maintenance Reviews - Let us be your eyes and ears. We will routinely review, assess, and recommend when parts need replacement. 

3. Priority Gaskets and Part Replacement -
As a member you will receive priority scheduling ensuring expedited installation and part replacement at all times.

4. Preferencial Pricing -
Our best pricing will go to you! Why? Because by enrolling in this service, you have helped our efficiencies too. We save, you save. Thank you!

5. 60 day Product Installation Service Promise -
We don't just talk about great product quality, we promise it too! We are so confident that you will be satisfied with our service we want to back it with a promise of excellence.

If routine maintenance of your refrigerator gaskets and other non-electrical parts is important to you, but has become a thorn in your side, let Gasket Guy of Louisiana and Mississippi take the headache away.

We promise a low cost maintenance solution that is sure to keep your equipment ticking at a price you can afford.

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